Professional Translations
from English to German
and from German to English

Copywriting, editing and proofreading
in English and German

Revising and Reviewing of Translations

This involves a person other than the first translator, who has the necessary competency both in the source and target languages, revising or reviewing the translation after the usual quality assurance process has been completed.

Proofreading of English and German texts

Mistakes are easily made and overlooked. That’s why proofreading a text prior to publication is so important. Catching errors is a practised skill because the mind often reads what it thinks is on the page, rather than what is actually there (and electronic spellcheckers have their limitations!). Proofreading a translation also involves checking its completeness against the source text and identifying any mistranslations. It is also a good idea to have a text proofread once it has been laid out, particularly if a person unfamiliar with the language has worked on the layout.

Editing in English and German

Printing is costly and pre-print mistakes are easily fixed with our expert editing service. To ensure a text is really ready to go to print, we can critique existing English and German texts and edit them for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and presentation. Getting a text read by a disinterested third party can often be useful to identify areas where the writing may not have been clear enough or was too technical for the intended readership.

Copywriting in English and German

The text you need hasn’t been written yet? No problem! We can provide you with any type of professional copy to promote a business, person or other concept. Based on your detailed brief, we can write your texts for publication, such as company brochures, media releases, tradeshow catalogues, advertisements, or job applications. Give us the project background and your brief, and we will provide you with copy that works.
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