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FAQs for top translation results

Here are some of the questions we may ask you to ensure we can do the best possible job for you.

The translation job

Into what language (or language variant, e.g. German for Germany or German for Switzerland) is the text to be translated?

Does the style of terminology have to conform to any specific requirements (e.g. house style, specialist audience)?

Does the translation require specialist terminology? (Our definition of 'specialist': terms not included in standard dictionaries such as The Oxford-Dictionary German Dictionary)

What is the purpose of the translation (e.g. for-publication, for-information, training, court documents etc)?

What is the target readership (specialist expertise, no prior knowledge etc)?

If the translation contains specialist vocabulary, can you provide background/reference material, preferably in the source and target languages (e.g. glossaries of terms, prior correspondence)? This helps the translator to work more efficiently and to better tailor the job to your needs.

Are there any other constraints? (Translating from English into other languages often results in a longer target text – a consideration when designing the layout of multi-lingual brochures etc).

Who is the contact for the translator? In what format will the source text be supplied? (It can be time-consuming to guess illegible words in handwritten documents or poor quality copies, and may lead to errors).

How long will the translation job take?

There’s a need to be realistic about the time needed to do a good translation. A translation definitely isn't the same as 'typing into another language', and adequate time needs to be allowed. As a rule of thumb, allow as much time for the translation as producing the original text would have taken.

How do your delivery requirements fit in with the translator's availability?

Usually rush jobs involving weekend or evening work attract a premium.

Presentation and delivery

Does the layout of the translation have to comply with any particular requirements (e.g. should it look like the original, page for page)? Do tables or graphical material have to be incorporated with the text? In what physical form is the translation to be provided (e.g. print-out, electronic file, disk)? When is the translation to be delivered? How critical is the delivery date? Does the translation need to be certified?


Pricing is based on a number of factors such as the required turnaround time of the assignment, the level of specialist knowledge and vocabulary required, and the complexity of the layout. Translators can usually give binding quotes once they have seen a complete set of document (excerpts aren't necessarily representative of the whole). Where possible, please supply a text file which makes it easier to determine an accurate word count.
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