Professional Translations
from English to German
and from German to English

Our approach

Having ensured that we fully understand your translation and language needs, we will provide a reliable, personal and efficient service.

This is as important to us as delivering a professional translation. We endeavour to complete your assignments as swiftly as possible while ensuring your required level of quality.

Every assignment matters

Whether your assignment is large or small, at GeCoS it will receive the same attention to detail and efficient processing every time. You are sure to benefit from our extensive resources, professional experience, and our network of associated English to German and German to English translators, subject specialists and editors.

We always meet agreed deadlines

We work in a range of different fields, and have the skills required to analyse your text for translation (“source text”), to pre-empt any issues that may arise in the translation process, and to determine your required level of “polish”. This enables us to clarify these with you before we take on your project so that you can have full confidence in the end product we deliver to you ("target text"). At GeCoS you will receive accurate, technically and culturally appropriate German to English, and accurate, technically and culturally appropriate English to German translations suitable for your stated purpose. Click here to see a list of text types we have translated recently.

Quality work takes time, and experience has taught us that setting realistic deadlines is the first step towards quality assurance. We know that your time is precious and will complete your assignment swiftly without compromising on quality. And on those occasions when you have to get on a plane and you require an instant service, we will bend over backwards to deliver the work in time for your deadline.

Our professionalism means that you can rely on us

Since GeCoS started in 2000, we have served clients from a range of industries: business, manufacturing, commerce, education, shipping, yachting, science as well as travel and food, and the arts. We work with various government departments and authorities, and have also assisted many migrants with the certified translations needed for visa or immigration purposes.

Our clients appreciate our ‘go-the-extra-mile’ attitude, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for them. We are pleased that much of our business today comes from our regular clients and word-of-mouth. New clients are always very welcome of course, so please check us out (references available on request)!

For us, quality assurance also means making ongoing investments. We are committed to keeping our resources (hardware, software, dictionaries, glossaries and other tools of the trade), networks and skills up-to-date. We are aware of the requirements of DIN EN 15038 (voluntary German standard for translation services applicable throughout Europe), and participate in the optional professional development programme run by the Australian translation industry body AUSIT. Read more

Great competence AND great value

Whether your assignment is large or small, it will receive the same attention to detail and efficient processing every time.

You are sure to benefit from our extensive resources, professional experience, and at GeCoS you are guaranteed to receive personal, reliable service and high quality work at reasonable rates.

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Text types we have translated recently

Translations of commercial
and legal documents
Official and personal
document translations
Academic papers Birth certificates
Advertisements Divorce papers
Affidavits Driver’s licences
Balance sheets Employer references
Brochures Employment contracts
Business profiles Last wills
Business registrations Marriage certificates
Business reports Medical practitioner’s employment references
Codes of conduct Medical practitioner’s examination certificates
Company newsletters Medical practitioner’s registration
Company profiles Medical records
Conference programmes Medical reports
Contracts Medical specialist certificates
Cook books Military service papers
Corporate announcements Name change certificates
Court decisions Police checks
Court documents Power of attorneys
Customer communications Record of criminal convictions
Customer surveys Rental contracts
Destination promotions Résumés
Employer references Secondary school certificates – first on this list is Academic secondary school certificates
Feasibility studies Study papers
Product safety data sheets University degree certificates
Financial information Vocational school certificates
Flyers Vocational training certificates
Food & beverage information Vocational training curricula
Forms Wedding speeches
Government newsletters
Health information
Hotel information
Incentive brochures
In-flight publications
IT research questionnaires
Last wills
Legal certificates
Legal correspondence
List of surgical procedures
Magazine articles
Management profiles
Media releases
Corporate mission statements
Memorandums of understanding
Recipe books
Powerpoint presentations
Photography manual
Nautical equipment descriptions
Pharmaceutical expert opinions
Medical expert opinions
Medical reports repeated
Mission statements
Online learning materials
Packaging labels
Pension information
Pension insurance papers
Pharmaceutical reports
Promotional material
Research questionnaires
Sales promotion material
Scientific journal articles
Service manuals
Shareholder information
Technical reports
Technical specifications
Tender specifications
Training manuals
Travel guides
User manuals
Video scripts
Customer correspondence
Car rental contracts
Psychological reports
German Communication Service
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NAATI accredited translators for
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