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How do you recognise a good translation? The best read as though they have been written in that language in the first place and readers won’t notice that it is a translation. This is particularly crucial for the type of creative texts used in advertising, marketing, the arts and in the media. Highly developed language skills in both the source and target languages, combined with outstanding writing skills and a thorough understanding of the cultural context are what it takes to produce high-calibre creative translations.


Does your audience understand an Aussie cricket reference?

Sometimes a text also needs to be changed to work for a different target audience speaking a different language. For example, an Australian cricket metaphor may have to be replaced in a country like Germany where cricket is a marginal sport and would only be understood by a handful of people. Unless the intention is to get across a point of cultural difference, it may be better to replace such a metaphor with one the target audience can relate to more easily. An adaptation may also be necessary for an advertisement where the punch line is a play on words that loses part of its meaning when translated.

An adapted version may still work in the other language, but if the entire creative concept hinges on this punch line, a new advertisement may have to be developed. We will advise our clients accordingly and suggest alternatives.

Adaptation can also be more subtle, for example with minor adjustments relating to the way a product statement is presented. Destination marketing and tourism texts come to mind here, where a German reader might cringe at an all too frequent use of ‘the world’s best’ where that comparison is unverifiable, and begin to have second thoughts on the credibility of the entire text.

Layout or time slot constraints may also require the adaptation of a text or script in the target language. If the English source text of a brochure is dense already, the typically longer German translation will present a layout challenge. The same applies to voice-overs where voice and vision have to fit. If necessary, we can suggest alternative wording or other solutions in such cases.

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