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How much?

Translation prices are based on the level of complexity of the source text (original language text), the layout and format requirements of the target text (translation), the required level of ‘polish’, and turnaround time. In the English speaking world, translations are typically charged by the number of English words (electronic word count). Exceptions are creative translations and adaptations, which are charged on an hourly basis.

Additional services such as revising and reviewing of translations, and proofreading are charged on an hourly or project basis. The same applies to text editing and copywriting.

Free quotations

Translations are not a commodity, which is why we ask you to let us view the full text for translation so that we can give you a fair and binding quote with timelines. Call us to discuss your translation or copywriting requirements, or click here to request an obligation-free quote.

Assured confidentiality

Keeping your files and documents confidential is vital. As NAATI accredited translators and AUSIT members, we are bound by the strict AUSIT Code of Ethics not to disclose information acquired during the course of our assignments.

TIP 1: Beware of going for the cheapest provider. Translations aren't bulkware and every job well done requires skill, application and attention to detail. Excessively low pricing tells you that corners are being cut, quite possibly at your expense. On the other hand, paying a premium price is no guarantee for a perfect job either. It is best to ask questions about the processes applied and the skill levels of the people involved in producing your translation, and to make an informed decision based on these important factors.

TIP 2: If you are contacting translators from the NAATI directory, also have a look if they are members of AUSIT, the professional body of translators and interpreters in Australia, or another relevant professional association such as the BDÜ or ADÜ in Germany. In doing so, you will find experts who translate professionally rather than on a casual basis – and you are far more likely to get a better outcome.
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