Professional Translations
from English to German
and from German to English

Professional translation
of commercial texts

To make a good impression as a business or as a professional, your communication has to be right and it should talk the language of your clients, business partners or target audience.

The enlightened executive knows that it’s worth engaging professionals to avoid linguistic errors that may detract from an organisation’s message or might even upset his/her customers.

Benefit from our linguistic and business expertise, outstanding writing skills in both English and German, and our extensive resources.

The tools we use to ensure quality and consistency include terminology libraries, specialist electronic and hardcopy dictionaries, our professional networks, and translation memory software to help ensure consistency in future work. (This must not to be confused with “machine translation”, which tries to replace the human mind with very dubious results.)

What is the purpose of your translation?

Expect to be asked questions because it is important for translators to know the intended purpose of a translation so that the most suitable style, terminology and processes can be used. Is it needed for publication or information?

For publication — a translation where the text is adapted to satisfy and capture the high standards of a promotional brochure, magazine article or annual report.

For information — an accurate translation, that must be as close to the original as possible, e.g. a legal document.

Quality assurance in translation

Once completed, our translations are checked to verify that the meaning of the source text has been correctly rendered, that nothing was omitted, that no stylistic or grammatical errors were made, that terminology was used consistently, and that other agreed requirements (i.e. client’s style guides) have been fulfilled.

For translations destined for publication, we offer a number of additional steps to ensure that the high standards expected of a published text are met.

Where certification by a NAATI accredited translator is required for legal reasons, we will print a hardcopy, stamp and sign it in addition to providing an electronic copy.

Please talk to us about your requirements or request an obligation-free quote.
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